Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thinking back on times of the heart,
times when it would bubble up with joy,
swell with happiness and love,
ache from a missing piece,
beat hard and heavily with passion,
and times when I could feel it cry out with longing...
Thinking back on those times,
I don't think it has ever
bubbled up,
or longed
as much as it does at the thought of you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Small Creations

I liked today... It had a simplicity and a productivity to it that just made everything seem fresher, newer and a little more joyful than the days before.
Also- today I made things... Which is something I haven't been doing nearly enough lately. I had no idea what I was going to make, but when I was out walking, I came across this perfect white feather, so I decided to start there. Here are two paintings I made while doing crafts with two of my favourite ladies... Hope you (my non-existent readers) like them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You make my heart glad
My soul sings of Your greatness
What joy do Your words bring
When you speak over me
What joy does your song bring
When you sing over me

Some Nights

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Smile

Just a quick outfit of the day post.
Maxi Skirt- Forever 21
Top- Pure, by Alfred Sung
Belt- Thrifted
Bag, Thrifted
Bracelet- Used to be my Mom's.

Today was a good day.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wardrobe Revamp.

Lately I have been getting cravings to shop... Which would be worse if I had a lot of money, because it would soon be gone and spent on things I really don't NEED... And I've made a deal with myself that I'm no longer allowed to spend my money on things I don't need... Because then I end up like I am now... BROKE. But hey, being broke isn't so bad! If you're desperate enough to have new clothes, like me, it just causes you to get a little creative.
Today I had altered a pair of polka-dot trousers that I bought for a dollar at a local thrift shop... and I decided that while I was feeling inspired, I might as well alter a couple other pieces of clothing that are feeling a bit old and drab...
So I made this! I shortened it into a crop top, cut the back in half, made it a scoop back and button up... I like it so much more than I did before!
I'm starting to work on a couple other items as well, and I think I might design some clothing to make from scratch while I'm on this sewing spree... Hopefully I'll shrink my massive stack of fabric that never seems to stop growing!... If they turn out well, I might post some items to sell!
Hey, that rhymed.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Night Time

So these past couple weeks I've been house-sitting for some friends while they've been on vacation,
and I must admit... I've never really slept alone in a house before.
I knew it would probably be hard, as I've never been so good with the dark.
But I didn't quite expect the dabilitating fear that came over me every time the night came and I was alone... My two weeks here has been an extremely good one by day... I love having my own space, and being able to invite people over and be the hostess for once... But it's been fairly sleepless and, well, pretty terrible by night. This fear of the dark thing is something I've struggled with my entire life, and it seems so silly, when I know that the Lord is with me... When I know that He loves me, and His desire is that no harm would come to me. I KNOW that I'm free from fear in the name of Jesus... I KNOW that through Him I have victory. But knowing it to the point of feeling completely confident in it when the sun goes down and I have nothing but my imagination to keep me company... That's another story. I'm trying... I really am. I pray SO often that this fear would go away, and that my heart would feel secure knowing that the Lord is my Shepard... But it's a constant struggle for me.
I wrote this song at about 4:00 am last night when I couldn't sleep for fear of the dark...

Sitting waiting for the sun
Waiting on the day to come
My heart it longs to rid this fear
Yet here it is year after year...

What do I say, what should I do,
Why can't I put my trust in you?
Your arms of love wait close to me,
But I feel so far from victory.

Salt water wells and fills my eyes,
I lie and wave the hours goodbye.
I sing to You and speak Your name,
But the darkness makes me soul grow faint.

Oh Lord, please come and set me free,
these chains won't loose their grip on me.
The night, it makes you seem so far,
I long to know your Shepard heart. 

The Devil waits to conquer me,
But I know the Lord sings over me… 

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